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AKOLogic - World leading traceability software for food security and food safety

AKOL is a leading software house in Israel that provides to the agricultural sector comprehensive computer-based and communications solutions.
Our main platform is "AKOLogic" - The first "Agricultural Cloud" in the world, based on Microsoft Cloud "Azure", using a SAAS - Software as a Service model. The system allows monitoring the growth process from the field to the supermarket - Full traceability.

By using our monitoring and control system you can active:
  • Immediate improvement in the quality of field crops - food safety
  • A significant increase in quantities of field crops - food security
  • Prediction of pests and disease treatment - Plant Protection
  • Considerable savings in expenses and proper distribution of resources - efficiency
  • Using growth protocol (known) and international regulatory compliance - Global Gap
  • Implementation methodologies and efficiency processes in the agriculture sector (including using agricultural sensors and devices) - Innovation
  • Allowing the consumer in the supermarket to know where the vegetable grows and what materials used - Transparency and information sharing
  • Working with internationals entities. The system fully supports all languages. The system is translated into Chinese - Multi Language